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 AllMusic — Still the best and most comprehensive resource for finding information about artists, discographies, etc. Sometimes a bit too much information, and the data presentation is not always the most intutitive.
 Devo Obsesso — All the Devo collectibles you could ever see. Check it out!  The definitive database of electronic music. Find track listings and information about thousands of electronic music releases. An extremely valuable community-built database.
 Drew's List of MP3 Download Sites — Check out my list of legal music download sites if you are interested in downloading music.
 eMusic Check it out!  The grandmama of MP3 sites. eMusic is a subscription-based MP3 download site. Pricing has changed as of Nov 2006, but still the best deal out there at $10/month for 30 tracks or $20/month for 75 tracks. It averages out to be about $0.30 per track. Downloads per month do not roll over, however. You can also purchase more expensive "booster packs" downloads that do not expire. Not a comprehensive selection but more than enough to satisfy you, plenty of releases from major labels like OM Records and Ubiquity and many many others. All styles are represented, from electronic/dance to blues, jazz, reggae, rock/pop, and world music. High-quality (192Kbps and up) VBR MP3s, DRM-free. Unlimited re-downloads, no time limit. Social networking features on the site to find artists you may like. Extensive wishlist features with multiple wishlists with comments. Previews are high quality but short at only 30 seconds.
 LaLa — Formerly a fantastic site for "peer-to-peer" CD trading, but now merely yet another music streaming site.
 Pandora Check it out!  Pandora is a fantastic way to find new music, or just listen to music you enjoy. You can create a custom radio station by giving it an artist or song to start, and it will use its custom "music genome" system to find songs that are similar. You can vote for or against particular songs to program exactly what you want. Highly recommended.
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