Welcome to the aeFlame download area at neosapien.net. aeFlame is a fractal exploration plug in for Adobe® After Effects®. Here you'll find builds for different platforms as well as the source code.

AeFlame is an Adobe After Effects plug in that allows you to create and animate cosmic recursive flame fractals.

Note: Requires After Effects 4 or higher.*


*Windows version may crash After Effects 5.0, Works great in 5.5 and 4.1 though.


*Macintosh versions may not support preset parameters or parameter set saving.

Windows aeFlame

567 K

Macintosh AEFlame for OS X and source code by Darrin Cardani

60 K

Source code for aeFlame

919 K

Macintosh AEFlame for OS 9 (temporarily unavailable)

220 K

fractal renderer
for Adobe After Effects