Welcome to the home of AEFlame and recursive loop gallery, formerly at neosapien.net. Here you'll find a collection of animated imagery created using the aeFlame plug-in for After Effects. You can also download the plug in here for free and make your own animated flame fractals (provided you own Adobe® After Effects® ).

AeFlame is an Adobe After Effects plug in that allows you to create and animate cosmic recursive flame fractals. It was written by Scott Draves originally and ported to After Effects by Drew Davidson. This source code was in turn ported to the Macintosh platform by Evan Wies. The animations in the gallery were created by Rumi Humphrey using AEFlame.

Feel free to distibute the content of the animated flame gallery under the terms of the OpenContent License.

The original source code used to generate and animate these crazy fractals was created by Scott Draves, an amazingly brilliant programmer that lives in SF,CA. His original source code is available for use under the open source software model and can be downloaded (here).
For more information about flame as well as a beautiful gallery of still images (and a few animations) go to Scott Draves' flame page.

The After Effects port of Scott's code was made by Drew Davidson a close friend and brilliant programmer that lives in Raleigh, NC. Drew went far and beyond a basic ae port and embellished aeFlame with some exceedingly handy features and settings that make exploring these amazing fractals both fun and relatively easy. Click here for a screenshot of the effect controls window.

This aeFlame code was then taken by Evan Wies a friend and brillient programmer and ported to the Macintosh. Now all you Mac AE geeks can dig in!

Click here to get the read me for aeFlame.
The plug in is free and available here. The source code for aeFlame is also available under the GNU liscencing model.
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