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Unique and Unusual T-Shirt Web Stores

This is a list of web sites selling t-shirts, with special emphasis on unique, unusual, nerdy, geeky, controversial, or otherwise out-of-the-ordinary T-shirts.
NSFW WARNING: Due to the controversial nature of some shirts, some of these sites and shirts may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work).
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 0rigin T-Shirts — A small but nice collection of artsy shirts.
 2KTSHIRTS — A large selection of very interesting shirts, but expensive.
 80's Tees — T-shirts with a wide variety of 80's themes, including TV shows, video games, and much more.
 8Ball — A large number of T-shirts with rock, television, and rude slogans. Unfortunately the price is a little high when ordering from the USA.
 Alex Grey T-Shirts and Clothing Avoid  Alex Grey is an incredible artist, but his online shop is the WORST. They billed my CC immediately, but they made no effort to tell me my shirt was back ordered until I emailed them a month later. Now, 2 months later, and I still haven't received my order. Not recommended. Very disappointing.
 BeWild — A wide variety of several different brands of T-shirts, including Playboy, John Deere, and White Castle.
 Blue Fish TShirts — Clever t-shirts and an online custom t-shirt designer that is Flash-based.
 Brunetto TShirts — A site that prints t-shirts of a wide variety of web comics, including xkcd. Site is almost an index to web comics that also have t-shirt stores.
 Busted Tees — A nice selection of more vintage shirts, including another "More Cowbell" design and a few geeky and ninja shirts.
 CafePress — Design and sell your own shirts, mugs, and other clothing and household items. Or shop from millions of existing designs.
 Choice Shirts — A very large selection of licensed and other fairly standard t-shirt designs. — A Flash-based shirt designer application integrated with CafePress, allowing you to design and order your own one-off t-shirts online.
 Copacetique — A collection of modern vintage style and authentic vintage t-shirts and other clothing for men and women.
 CottonFactory — Designer, old school, and vintage style tees, including the old "Atari" logo and "Trust Me I'm A Ninja"
 CR-Shirts — A variety of current event funny and clever shirts, in sort of a retro style.
 Crack Smoking T-Shirts — A selection of controversial and NSFW shirts, including "Donkey Punch", "Your Mom is in my Top 8", "The Shocker", "Dirty Sanchez", and a Hello Kitty skull and crossbones shirt. — A CafePress-based site with a variety of movie and TV quote shirts, including a collection of Lebowski shirts, plus clever, offensive, and geek saying shirts.
 Culture Bomb — Another small but nice collection of funny and clever T-shirts.
 David & Goliath — A collection of cutesy and original comic character tshirts and apparel, as well as some retro and Rated R designs.
 Defunker — "T-shirts that make you happy". Nice selection of well-designed T-shirts, many without any words. Unfortunately, the site relies entirely on Flash and the shirts are kind of expensive.
 Diesel Sweeties — Pixelated t-shirt designs, including "Monkeys are good people", Canadian flag in a pixel art style, and the amusing "I [screw] Robots" shirt. — Another site with a variety of clever and geeky tees.
 DJ Tees — An enormous selection of rock star and movie star 2-color t-shirts, as well as a very large selection of simple word-only slogans like "Stay Funky", and nice simple year designs from 1967-1978. Unfortunately they are in the UK and the shirts are very expensive, but at least they have free shipping to everywhere on Earth.
 DNA Stylelab — Design, create and share your products.
 Durkl — A small collection of modern retro style and authentic vintage and 80's tees and clothing.
 Enclothe — A small collection of multi-color shirts, including an "Eternal Embrace" design reminiscent of the recently discovered embracing skeletons, and a "Ninja Pirate" design.
 EveryTshirt — A large selection of simple standard logos and/or licensed logo shirts, for example a Miller Lite logo, the Rolling Stones tongue, movies, television, music, pop culture shirts. About $16-20, but free shipping for orders over $50 as of July 2007.
 Extra Ugly — Several NSFW and semi-offensive shirts, including "Asshat!", "Craptacular!" and "Sacrelicious!"
 Fat Guy T-Shirts — T-Shirts for the fat guy, including "I [heart] fat chicks", "Just eat it", and "Big Boned".
 Future Relic T-Shirts — A small selection of t-shirt designs without words, including the controversial "Kid Sniper" and other shirts with gun designs.
 Giftapolis T-Shirts — A large number of licensed t-shirts, mostly with a comics and kids slant, like Curious George, Dr. Seuss, Simpsons (including Mr. Sparkle), Peanuts, etc.
 Glarkware — A very nice selection of very simple and clever tshirts, including "i heart irony", an "in soviet russia" shirt, and a "Pants" shirt. — Design your own t-shirts using a Flash-based application, or create your own t-shirt web store.
 Hackerthreads — Another clothing and t-shirt store with unique hacker and geek-related shirts.
 Imaginary Foundation — A collection of nice artwork on tees, hoodies, and jackets.
 Indobundee — A selection of Bollywood, India, Hindi, desi quip, and other clever t-shirts.
 Insanely Great Tees — A tiny selection, but contains the system error bomb shirt, and pixelated skull and crossbones, and heart apple shirts.
 Invicid — A small collection of artsy shirts.
 ISO50 — A small collection of pretty art on shirts with a definite retro slant.
 Jinx Clothing for Gamers and Geeks — T-shirts and other clothing for geeks, with a particular slant toward gamer geeks.
 Karmaloop — "Urban clothing and global streetware". T-shirts, zip hoods, hoodies, cadet hats, private hats, mittens, sneakers, scarves, and much more. A huge variety of t-shirt brands.
 Kindred Market — A small selection of intricate designs and nice artwork, mostly without words.
 L.A. Tees — Lots of vintage style tees, including a simple "Good Times" shirt, some Lebowski designs, and Beatles and other rock and roll and band shirts.
 Lebowski Fest Shirts — A collection of Big Lebowski t-shirts, including an "Abide" shirt in an Andre the Giant Obey style, and a variety of "Achiever" shirts.
 Macintosh Icon T-Shirts and Gear — A collection of T-Shirts with Macintosh icons on them, all by Susan Kare, the original icon designer for the old school Macs! Leads to a CafePress store, but that means you can also get the icons on mugs and mouse pads.
 Merchline — A index to a large number of t-shirt stores serviced by the Merchline engine.
 Moe Wampum — Funny sayings and clever t-shirts.
 Motto Apparel — A site selling a handful of 2-color vintage/retro style shirts with funny sayings, including a new "Die Thin" Anna Nicole Smith tshirt.
 Mr. Cloud — Retro style T-shirts, including several Pink Floyd, Beach Boys, and Beatles shirts as well as character and pop art shirts. They are in the UK so the shirts are unfortunately rather expensive due to the exchange rate, but shipping to the USA is reasonable.
 Neighborhoodies Custom Shirts — Create your own one-off custom t-shirts and hoodies. Select the shirt style, enter your own text, choose a font, add drop shadows and other text styles. Wide variety of customization options, but can be rather pricey.
 Nerdy Shirts — A selection of nerdy and geeky shirts, including "I [heart] Google", and "Yes I'm on MySpace".
 NoiseBot — Vintage style funny and clever hipster tees, including "KGB" and "Jebus Loves Me"
 Non-Zero Chance — Another small selection of geeky tshirts, including "I'm not your damn search engine" and "AFK".
 Nuclear T-Shirts — A small selection of nuclear-related T-shirts, including the radiation symbol and atomic bomb plans.
 Oddica — A small selection of awesome intricate and gorgeous designs by a group of professional artists.
 OneHorseShy — A collection of vintage style shirts, including "Guess what Chicken Butt" shirt.
 Palmercash — A t-shirt store featuring many different t-shirt brands.
 Panic Goods — A fantastic selection of unique T-shirts, with some geeky and some not-so-geeky, but all good. Includes the old-school Atari Adventure dragon, spinning wait icon shirt, and Katamari shirts.
 Phat Rags — Another selection of vintage style 2-color shirts, including "I [staple] TPS Reports" and "Got Milf?" and "Ninja Please".
 Powerup Tees — Funny T-shirts with video game themes.
 Preshrunk — A blog devoted to t-shirts and clothing designs, with archives going back to 2004. — Open your own online t-shirt store with your custom designs, or just design and purchase your own one-off t-shirts directly from their site.
 Queer Republic Tees — A selection of funny gay and lesbian t-shirts.
 Randomshirts — "Home of the $10 tee". Some inexpensive retro/vintage style shirts with funny sayings and graphics.
 Road Kill T-Shirts — A huge number of t-shirt designs (over 1200). Many sarcastic, rude, offensive, political, and funny t-shirts.
 RobotCow — A selection of funny t-shirts, with particular emphasis on cows and pirates apparently.
 Rock Star Tees — A group of vintage style shirts.
 SecureShirts — A small collection of T-shirts with a geeky hacker security slant.
 Sinful Shirts — A selection of offensive and NSFW shirts, but also including a "Collage" shirt, the misspelled version of the Animal House classic that would be appropriate for art students, and another "Shocker" shirt design.
 Snazzytown — A small but amusing collection of tshirts, including the "I'm in your extended network" MySpace tshirt.
 Snorg Tees — More vintage and retro style shirts.
 Space Tribe Intergalactic Clothing — Space Tribe makes a bunch of interesting clothes, including fractal T-shirts.
 Splitreason — Geeky and kitschy tshirts and clothing and caps, including a nice hammer and sickle embroidered cap design.
 Spraygraphic — WARNING: sound. Annoying Flash site but several interesting shirts here.
 Spreadshirt Custom T-Shirts — Design and sell your own custom shirts in an online shop with a choice of digital or plot printing and many other options. Online shirt designer is Flash based but works well. Easily design your own simple t-shirts, or upload your own graphics. Squid T-Shirts Blog — A small index to a few squid-related t-shirts.
 Survivor Tee — A Digg-like voting site for t-shirt designs. Vote for your favorite t-shirt designs and they bubble up to the top.
 T-post — Interesting concept: subscribe and get a new t-shirt every six weeks based on topics in the news, but a little expensive for those of us in the USA.
 T-Shirt Hell — Offensive and funny t-shirts.
 T-Shirt King — A large selection of officially licensed tv and movie t-shirts. — A huge variety of kitchy and clever t-shirts.
 T-Shirts That Suck — A group of NSFW shirts in a retro/vintage style.
 Tcritic — An almost-daily blog devoted to t-shirts.
 Teelook — A site with several clever t-shirt designs. Located in Portugal and priced in Euros.
 Teetonic — A t-shirt design competition, with the best shirts going on sale. Submit your own design or rate other designs.
 Teetsy — A small selection of pretty, well-designed shirts mostly without words.
 The Onion T-Shirts — T-shirts from the comedy magazine The Onion. Funny sayings including "Your favorite band sucks" and "I Appreciate The Muppets On A Much Deeper Level Than You" plus the classic Onion logo shirt.
 ThinkGeek T-Shirts — ThinkGeek has a great and very large selection of geeky t-shirts.
 This Shirt Rocks — A collection of drinking, funny, movie, pop culture, quote, rock, and vintage tshirts.
 Those Shirts — A selection of conservative and republican themed shirts, without even a hint of intentional irony.
 Threadless — Home of lots of interesting and pretty limited edition tees.
 ThreadPit — Another classic collection of t-shirts and polo shirts, including a great Skull and Crossbones design (like the Skull & Bones logo) and a plain "College" shirt like John Belushi wore in Animal House, and a simple "CCCP" shirt with the hammer and sickle logo.
 Tshirt Island — A blog focusing on t-shirts.
 TShirthub — A nice variety of retro-style and vintage-style t-shirts.
 Unamerican — For the anarchist rebel geek, Unamerican has a wide selection of revolutionary t-shirts, stickers, and buttons, suitable for your geek friend living underground awaiting the apocalypse..
 Vintage Vantage — A collection of vintage T-shirts, including several authentic vintage shirts from the 70's and 80's.
 Wicked Cool Stuff — A good selection of great licensed music, movie, television, horror, pirate and political t-shirts. Link goes directly to "Curious George passed out on Ether" t-shirt. Click T-Shirts for the rest of the shirt designs.
 Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts — Not really t-shirts, but special shirts that you can wear that make it look like your arms have extensively tattooed. A wide selection of tattoo styles including tribal, koi, celtic, and much more. Kind of expensive though.
 Zazzle — Custom t-shirts, mugs, cards, and even custom real U.S. Postage stickers. Large store with huge number of user-submitted designs. Unfortunately the site is unusable in Opera.
 ZeStuff — A small selection of geeky t-shirts.

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