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Stock Photography Links & Resources

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 Acclaim Images — License stock photography directly from a variety of professional photographers. Very high quality images, but priced to match.
 Alamy — Huge collection (3 million+) of stock photos. Very quick site.
 BurningWell — A repository for public domain images. Not so many images, but public domain means no restrictions whatsoever on use.
 Can Stock Photo — Another stock site with reasonable rates (e.g. $1 and up). They also offer subscription rates.
 Comstock — A division of Jupiter Images.
 Corbis — An enormous collection (70 million+) of images, including many historical images. Both rights-managed and royalty-free images in mass quantities.
 Corner House Stock Photo — Good collection of home and real estate stock photos. Based in Raleigh, NC.
 Creating Online Stock Photos — Free stock photos for personal or commercial use.
 CyberPhoto — Yet more royalty-free images and stock photography. (Warning: Flash)
 Digital Vision — Digital Vision has some great (but expensive) images and illustrations.. They also license video clips in both NTSC and PAL format, as well as production music. — Another site with cheap ($1) stock photos.
 Foto Search — Nice site with tons of different commercial stock photography and video footage publishers.
 Fotolia — A site where photographers can upload their photos and set their own price. Many free photos, and lots of very cheap ($1) stock photos. 120,000+ images.
 Free Photos Bank — Another site with a small collection of free stock photos.
 Getty Images — Absolutely gorgeous stuff here, if you can access it. They disallow certain browsers from accessing their site.
 Image Vortex — A collection of high-resolution stock photos, covering a wide variety of commercial topics.
 Indexstock — A stock photo web site with a great search interface (click Advanced Search). Search by one or more of the thousands of different tags. — Independent photography network. A gateway to stock photography from independent photographers, small agencies, and reps. Check it out!  Very cheap stock photos (e.g. $1.50 instead of $150) Not as broad a selection as the others, of course. The licensing is kind of sketchy though. Nifty and easy to use search by color as well.
 Jupiter Images — A huge collection (7 million+) of images available for licensing.
 Mayang's Free Textures — Over 3000 free high-res textures. Lots of brick, paint, fabric, etc.
 MorgueFile — Free photos! No registration required. — A collection of Creative Commons licensed (and other free licensed) images.
 PD Photo — A small collection of public domain (free) images. — A subscription-based stock photography site. 160,000+ images that you can access for a single monthly price of $139.
 PhotoSphere — Photosphere licenses photographs as well as backgrounds. Not so many keywords, so searching is a little more difficult.
 PictureQuest — Search for stock photography from many leading stock brands.
 Royalty-Free Photo Links — A list of links to royalty-free photography sites.
 RubberBall — RubberBall sells a variety of useful stock images, including a bunch of those photo caricatures that you see everywhere. (The ones with people with huge heads and tiny bodies.)
 Shutterstock — Instead of a per-image charge, Shutterstock offers subscription plans that allow up to 25 image downloads per day. Nice selection of 167,000+ images. Images end up being less than a quarter each, great for large projects.
 Spectralogue — Free high-res texture images, seamless textures, as well as 3D models.
 Stock.XCHNG Check it out!  Free stock photos! Nice collection of over 115,000 photos, many of which have no usage restrictions, and all of which are free! Doesn't have the fancy search facilities of the commercial sites, but you can't beat the price, and the photos are individually approved by editors to keep the quality level high. But be careful about licensing: you aren't going to get any model releases! — A subscription stock photography site. $100 per year or $60 for 6 months allows you to download and use unlimited stock photos from the site. Unfortunately the site does not offer keyword searching, which makes finding the perfect image quite difficult. — Cheap ($1) stock photos and also upload your photos for sale on the site.
 Thinkstock — ThinkStock licenses many nice images, some in extremely high resolution (20 megapixels!). You can display up to 128 thumbnails per page while searching which helps a lot. The pricing is straightforward and the tag-based navigation is extremely easy to use. Images often have several variations, making it easy to find the exact image you need.
 TotallyPhotos — Royalty-free stock photos from$10-$25. Image request feature lets you request specific images. Search feature helps you find your image by suggesting related keywords.
 WireImage — WireImage is not a standard stock photography site, but rather a site with a huge collection of up-to-the-minute celebrity and media event photos. The stills you see on TV, magazines and newspapers are of course a tiny fraction of the photos that were actually taken. The rest of them are available here! You need a paid account to do anything more than browse thumbnails, unfortunately.
 Yotophoto — A search engine for free stock photos. Finds public domain and freely-licensed images from a variety of stock photography sites.
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