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Question and Answer Site Links

This is a list of sites that you can post questions and have the internet hive mind answer them.
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 A World Of Help — A combination of a digg-like site and questions and answers.
 Answerbag — Another site with questions and answers. — A free site where researchers answer your posted questions via email within minutes (or longer for more complex questions). You can also browse previously-asked questions and answers.
 Ask Me Help Desk — Yet another question and answer site.
 Ask Metafilter Check it out!  One of the best Q&A sites out there, tapping the collective intelligence and wisdom of the MetaFilter community. You have to be a MetaFilter member ($5) to post questions or answers, and you can only ask one question a week. But you can browse all previous questions and answers. Highly recommended.
 Ask Reddit — The q-and-a section of popular discussion site Hard to search for previous questions, and sometimes the questions can be a little chatty. But lots of good discussion. — Not really a Q&A site in the traditional sense, but rather a site where you can ask questions that are then used as poll questions for other site users. You can then view the results.
 AskA+ Locator — Large list of Ask an Expert sites.
 AskBar — Yet another question and answer site. — A site where your questions are answered by a staff of professional writers in article format, with a particular slant toward love- and relationship-related questions and answers.
 Askville —'s answer to the q-and-a sites.
 Big Big Question — One question gets posted per day, and people answer and chat about it. You can suggest questions, but it's not like most Q-and-A sites where you can definitely get your questions answered.
 ExpertBee — Another question and answer site similar to Google Answers where you set a price for having your questions answered.
 FAQ Alert — A site where people maintain both the question and answer of "frequently asked questions" or FAQs. — Another q-and-a site, but also with discussions of the answers. — A question and answer site that tends more toward the advice side.
 Google Answers Check it out!  Unfortunately, this great qanda site is no longer accepting new questions, but the archive of answered questions remains online. Worth checking out to see if your question has been answered already.
 Google Moderator — A site from Google that lets you submit questions, and vote for them. A different take on Q-and-A. — A great domain name for a q-and-a site, is an online community for asking questions and giving advice. — A different take on the question-and-answer site, you have to answer a question to ask a question — Not a Q&A site per se, but rather a site where you make statements and have people vote on whether they are true or false. — Leftos, named after "LEssons For The Opposite Sex" is a site that encourages asking people of the opposite sex questions about relationships and dating, and receiving answers from them.
 LinkedIn Answers — The question and answer site for the social networking site LinkedIn. Accessible to LinkedIn users only, so you will need to login or sign up to access this answers page. By answering questions for other LinkedIn users you can earn "expert points".
 Live QnA by Microsoft — Microsoft's entry into the question-and-answer site field. Similar to Yahoo! Answers. —'s email-based question and answer site designed for mobile phone users. Instead of asking a question via the web, you email it to them and they email answers back. As of January 2007 it is invite-only.
 Oyogi — Another question and answer site.
 PointAsk — Another free question and answer site. — A Q&A site that uses Google and Twitter search to find answers to your questions.
 Say-So — Get feedback from select friends or total strangers for your questions.
 Scoozme — A Q-and-A site that enables you to post media such as images, video, or audio and ask questions about them.
 SolutionBay — A user-generated site focusing on solutions to specific problems.
 Stack Overflow Check it out!  Stack Overflow is a Q-and-A site specifically for programmers and technical, development, hardware and software-related questions. Well-organized with lots of tags and user voting on answers.
 The AnswerBank — Another question and answer site. — A Q-and-A site staffed by former Google Answers researchers, that operates in a similar manner to the now-defunct Google Answers. — Yet another q-and-a site.
 Wondir — A community question and answer site, free to post questions and answers.
 Xooxle Answers — A site started by an ex-Google-Answers-researcher that attempts to carry the q-and-a torch forward now that Google Answers has been shut down. Works on an hourly basis, instead of bidding per question.
 Yahoo! Answers — Yahoo's popular question-and-answer site. The community answers the questions, so many times you will receive silly and unhelpful responses to your query. Works best for chatty questions that don't require accurate answers.
 Yedda — Yet another question and answer site.

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