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Perfume, Cologne, Fragrance, and Scent Links

This is a list of sites that are either stores for, or great references for perfumes, fragrances, and cologne.
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 Basenotes Community Forum — A fantastic forum for perfume and fragrance lovers. Check it out!  A massive database of perfume and fragrance information, with reviews and information for over 3000 fragrances. Highly recommended.
 Beauty Cafe — A site selling various perfumes as well as other beauty-related items. Offers a sample set of Bond No. 9 fragrances.
 Beauty Encounter (formerly PerfumeBay) Check it out!  Perfume Bay changed its name to Beauty Encounter, but it is still the same great perfume store that offers a good selection of discount fragrances. Very competitive pricing on a wide variety of designer perfumes. Also offers fragrance samples as well as miniature perfume bottles.
 Fragrance X — An online fragrance store with a wide variety of beautiful perfumes and designer fragrances.
 Hampton Essentials — Offers a selection of official carded perfume samples (not decants) as well as many other fragrance and beauty items.
 Luckyscent Check it out!  Fantastic site for high-end, niche and specialty fragrances. Samples are available for most scents at very reasonable prices so you can try before you buy. Very professional service, great selection. Remember to click the review link on each fragrance page for a large number of customer reviews.
 Now Smell This Check it out!  A perfume and fragrance blog, with a huge number of perfume reviews and reference details for a large number of perfume houses. Notable posts include where to get free perfume samples and a section listing discontinued perfumes.
 Parfums Raffy — An authorized Creed perfume and Creed cologne retailer, and also offers carded perfume samples for many other fragrances and a large selection of colognes and perfumes.
 Perfume of Life Forums — An active discussion board for discussion of perfume and cologne.
 Perfume Posse Check it out!  Long-running fragrance blog, definitely worth reading.
 Pilot Vials — Doesn't sell perfumes, but does sell atomizer sprayers and vials. If you do any hand decanting so your friends can sample your scents, then you need empty vials and small atomizers for your homemade decants. Pilot Vials has 1ml vials with or without applicators, 1.5ml sprayers, 2.5ml atomizers, roll-on vials, and atomizers with caps in a few other larger sizes as well. Great for perfumes and essential oils.
 Scent Monkey — Sells perfume, cologne and fragrance, but also offers hand-decanted sample vials for $3 each with free shipping as of Feb 2008. Very useful for trying out designer cologne and designer perfumes that are not available at The Perfumed Court.
 Scentiments — Another well-respected perfume and cologne shop, selling discount perfumes and discount men's cologne.
 The Perfumed Court Check it out!  Sells decants (hand-poured perfume sample vials, atomizers, sprayers and roll-ons) of a massive number of niche and mainstream fragrances. Very reasonable prices allow you sample expensive fragrances without having to purchase a full bottle. If you are new to niche fragrances, definitely check this one out. Wide selection of Creed perfume and other French perfumes.

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