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Geeky Toys, Gadgets and T-Shirts for your Geek and Nerd Friends

This is a list of sites that sell geeky toys, gadgets, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and unusual toys and gifts for your geek/nerd buddies.
If you are looking for very specific items to buy for your geek instead of just a list geeky stores (where you will have to choose a gift yourself), be sure to check out my list of no-brainer geek gifts.
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 80's Video Game T-Shirts — T-shirts with 80's video games designs... ya gotta love it, especially if you spent your childhood savings one quarter at a time.
 Cool Tools — A blog discussing cool tools. Doesn't sell the tools directly, but you can find lots of leads to fascinating and amazing tools here.
 Demotivators Posters — You know those motivational posters? The kind that are so insipid you can't stand to look at them? Well you should definitely check out this Demotivators collection that parodies them, especially if your geek works in a cubicle.
 Edmund Scientific — This link goes directly to their gift idea page, but the catalog has a very wide range of science-related geek toys and gifts.
 Errorwear — T-shirts that "fuse geek culture with high fashion" by showing a wide variety of computer error messages on the front. Pretty darn geeky!
 EternaLight LED Flashlights — Technology Associates sell some very advanced LED flashlights that any geek should love. The flashlights have several blinking, strobe, emergency signal modes, you can adjust the brightness, etc. Definitely not just a toy.
 Hacker Stickers — Stickers for hackers, geeks, and other computer people.
 Hackerthreads — Another clothing and t-shirt store with unique hacker and geek-related shirts.
 Jinx Clothing for Gamers and Geeks — T-shirts and other clothing for geeks, with a particular slant toward gamer geeks.
 LockPickShop — Geeks tend to love forbidden and subversive knowledge, and lock picking is that kind of knowledge. Buy videos, lock picking sets, and other lock picking accessories here.
 Macintosh Icon T-Shirts and Gear — A collection of T-Shirts with Macintosh icons on them, all by Susan Kare, the original icon designer for the old school Macs! Leads to a CafePress store, but that means you can also get the icons on mugs and mouse pads.
 MAKE Magazine — A subscription to MAKE Magazine may be just the think to keep your geek occupied for a whole year.
 Panic Goods — A fantastic selection of unique T-shirts, with some geeky and some not-so-geeky, but all good. Includes the old-school Atari Adventure dragon, spinning wait icon shirt, and Katamari shirts.
 SecureShirts — A small collection of T-shirts with a geeky hacker security slant.
 Super-Powerful Magnets — It's so cool to get a package from United Nuclear. Be sure to check out their home page, because not only do they sell these insanely powerful magets, they also sell chunks of AeroGel, meteorites, and other stuff any science geek would absolutely love.
 SuperCircuits — SuperCircuits sells surveillance equipment and professional security video gear. A huge variety of low-light cameras, infrared (IR) illuminators, CCTV systems, multi-camera DVR systems, covert video, hidden video, cables, wiring, etc. They even have the camera in a baseball cap and camera mounted in eye glasses for covert surveillance!
 ThinkGeek — ThinkGeek is pretty much the king of the geeky toy space. Some of their stuff is a little overpriced, but they have a huge selection of toys, gadgets, coffee mugs, t-shirts that your geek friend will love.
 TinyNinjas Geeky T-Shirts — A small selection of geeky t-shirt designs, including the arrow cursor t-shirt and a WTF t-shirt. The rest of the site has some other clever t-shirt designs as well.
 Unamerican — For the anarchist rebel geek, Unamerican has a wide selection of revolutionary t-shirts, stickers, and buttons, suitable for your geek friend living underground awaiting the apocalypse..

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