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 All Electronics — All Electronics has a large and constantly changing supply of surplus electronic gear. You can often find inexpensive A/V connectors and cables. But beware: you will be tempted to get too much gear for geeky projects.
 LED Museum — LED Museum has extensive reviews of LED flashlights and other LED gear.
 Markertek Check it out!  Markertek sells an enormous line of professional video gear that is not available in any consumer store. Hard-to-find cables and accessories as well as video and production equipment. Doesn't specialize in security camera gear but has a lot of useful accessories for that area. HUGE printed catalog. Very professional service. — offers individual "travel size" packets of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, BBQ sauce, jellies and jams, and many other condiments as well as tissues, first-aid supplies, tea and coffee, and many other products. Most are regular brand names like Kraft, A-1, Smuckers, Band-Aid. Great for travel, camping, picnics, or just keeping around the house!
 Pioneer Pro DJ — It's heavy on the Flash, but the Pioneer Pro DJ site is actually pretty informative and useful if you're thinking about getting more Pioneer gear.
 Reseller Ratings — One hundred thousand reviews of online resellers. Before you buy anything online from a site you've never heard of, you can check here first to make sure the business you are buying from is well-known and respected! Unfortunately online businesses may have very poor customer service, bad return policies, or worse.
 Rio Audio — I am a reguar user of Rio MP3 players. There are many Rio players still out there on eBay, and you can upgrade them with updates and firmware found here.
 Security Cameras Direct — Large selection of a wide variety of security cameras and surveillance gear. Like SuperCircuits, they have a wide variety of low-lux cameras, IR illuminators, mini cameras, micro video cameras, digital video recorders, plus hidden cameras and concealed cameras.
 Space Tribe Intergalactic Clothing — Space Tribe makes a bunch of interesting clothes, including fractal T-shirts.
 SuperCircuits — SuperCircuits sells surveillance equipment and professional security video gear. A huge variety of low-light cameras, infrared (IR) illuminators, CCTV systems, multi-camera DVR systems, covert video, hidden video, cables, wiring, etc. They even have the camera in a baseball cap and camera mounted in eye glasses for covert surveillance!
 The LED Light — The LED Light has an extensive collection of LED flashlights.
 Univenture CD Storage — Univenture manufactures an extensive line of CD storage products. If you have a lot of CD's that you want to keep safe for years to come, you should look at their line.
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