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 1001 Fonts — Lots of great free fonts and dingbats. (Beware: lots of pop-ups.)
 Abstract Fonts — Another free font archive. You can view the entire character set of the fonts before downloading.
 Better Fonts — The "user friendly" font site. Easy to scroll through lots of fonts quickly! — A large collection of nicely categorized and sub-categorized fonts (e.g. "Script" category has Calligraphy, School, Handwritten, Brush, Trash, and Graffiti; "Foreign" category has Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Mexican, Roman, Greek, Russian, etc.) Beware, lots of popups and ads. Also has a "Top 100" category of the most popular fonts.
 Dingbat Pages — Tons and tons of dingbat fonts.
 Famous Fonts — Fonts from TV show logos, movie logos, and other logos.
 Font Freak — Quick navigation for finding the font you want from this large collection — The 500 most popular free fonts, based on download counts from several font archives. Very basic site, no previews per se.
 FontScape — Incredible directory of categorized fonts (mostly commercial). Find fonts that look like LCD display, Neon, or even fonts specifically for Posters, and many many more. Dozens of categories. Very handy!
 Free Typewriter Fonts — Over 70 free fonts that look like they were written on a typewriter.
 IdentiFont — Identify a font from a sample by answering a series of questions about the font characteristics.
 Killer Fonts — Fonts by Killers. More specifically, the fonts made from the handwriting of outlaws, presidents, maniacs, and rock and roll stars.
 Letterhead Fonts — A great collection of very nice commercial fonts.
 Linotype — Purchase lots of great fonts here. — Commercial fonts, view by category, popularity, etc. Useful index of fonts.
 Only Free Fonts Site — Another free fonts site, this time sorted by designer. — Another site with tons of free fonts.
 Typical Type Design — Sells about 130+ high-quality dingbat and symbol fonts, at very low prices (less than $10).
 Urban Fonts — A nicely-designed and well-categorized collection of free and commercial fonts. Mouse over the font to see the alphabet, or click to see the entire character set, which makes it easy to see if the font has a special character you need. Variety of useful custom previews.
 Web Building: Fonts — Great hints and font links.
 WebpageFonts — Yet another page of 6,500+ free TrueType fonts to download. No categories, just a straight alphabetical list.
 What the Font? — Identify a font by uploading an image sample of the font.

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