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 Big 4 Fabrics Fake Fur — A site with faux fur that is different colors, like pink and purple, as well as pile fabric animal prints such as zebra and cow.
 Charly Calder Faux Fur Store — Charly Calder high-end faux fur coats for women and men, as well as a selection of stoles, hats, and purses.
 CR's Crafts Fake Fur — Mostly teddy-bear faux fur here.
 Denver Fabrics Faux Fur — A selection of fake fur by the yard. Many animal prints, including seal, pelted mink, dalmatian, and poodle, among many others. (Click animal imitations, or colors and novelties for pastel furs.)
 DJC Design — Some faux fur throws available here.
 eBay Seach for Faux Fur Throws — eBay Seach for Faux Fur Throws (finds "fake fur" and "faux fur") search
 ecofo — A site that specializes in fake fur rugs, including animal pattern such as bear, cow, "safari", sheepskin, and zebra, as well as contemporary/fanciful fake fur rugs.
 Fabulous Furs Check it out!  Donna Salyer's Fabulous Furs sells a huge variety of faux fur throws, pillows, and bedding, as well as faux fur coats, stoles and a wide variety of faux-fur-trimmed items such as faux shearling coats, hats, jackets, and blankets. A great source for high-quality fashion fake fur clothing. They also have fake fur fabric material for your own sewing projects. Furs range from pink fake fur to a wide range of animals such as chinchilla, leopard, lynx, cheetah, red fox, sable, black mink, and white mink, among others.
 Faux Fur at Fashion Guide — A large list of faux fur links.
 Faux Fur Rugs at — Fake fur rugs to put in front of your fireplace, such as area rugs, throw rugs, and Flokati wool rugs. Beware, they also have real animal fur products.
 Faux Paw Furs — An online store selling fake fur throws, blankets, comforters, bedspreads, pillows and pillow shams, stoles, plush teddy bears, as well as fake fur by the yard for your own sewing projects. — High-end fake fur coats and clothing for both men and women.
 Guide to Cutting and Sewing Fake Fur — Handy hints to actually making something out of fake fur.
 KANECARON Fake Fur — Faux fur manufacturer Kaneka Corporation, modacrylic textile fiber supplier.
 Posh Pelts — A selection of faux fur throws and pillow covers, and bedspreads. Fake fur animals include chinchilla, lamb, brown bear, ocelot, lynx, leopard, arctic fox, and raccoon.
 Premium Furs Check it out!  Tissavel fake fur by the yard and Tissavel faux fur throws! It's pricey of course, but Tissavel faux fur is so soft and realistic. Animal reproductions include all the standards like chinchilla, fox, and mink, but also beaver, tiger, lion, giraffe, bear, wolf, coyote and rabbit! They also have shaggy fake fur.
 Sources of Faux Fur from the Fursuit FAQ Wiki — A great list of sources of faux fur, including suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.
 TheThemeRoom Fake Fur — Faux Fur throws at The Theme Room, includes short pile furs in a wide variety of animal prints, including unusual prints such as pink cheetah or blue zebra. Also sells fake fur fabric by the yard, and wholesale faux fur by the roll.

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