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eMusic Links

Helpful links for using the eMusic MP3 download site.

38 links in this category — An unofficial eMusic blog authored by several employees of eMusic. A place for "widgets, songs, downloads, plug-ins, mash-ups and whatever else strikes our fancy"
 Alternate eMusic FAQ — Another unofficial FAQ about eMusic
 Ars Technica eMusic Article — A great article on Ars Technica describing the history and background of the eMusic service.
 Drew's eMusic Review — My review of the service (guess what: I like it). I list both the good things and bad things so you can decide if it is right for you.
 Dromanova Python eMusic Download Manager — A small Python program for downloading eMusic tracks on Linux (where the Download Manager program is not an option). Free and open source (GPL).
 EMP File Format — A brief blog post discussing the EMP format (which is used by the eMusic Download Manager) and a Ruby script for Linux that can parse them. Forum — A current (as of 2008-2009) off-site forum for eMusic users.
 eMusic — The eMusic site itself.
 eMusic + Pandora Mashup — A unofficial "mashup" combining the Pandora music discovery/streaming service with eMusic.
 eMusic - Browse All — You don't have to be a member to browse what eMusic has to offer. If it won't let you past the front page for some reason, click this link to browse the entire library.
 eMusic Daily Free Download — Check here for the daily free download, so you don't have to install the eMusic toolbar.
 eMusic Europe What's New (Unofficial List) — This unofficial list of what's new on eMusic Europe is gathered daily using Mutantis's scripts, except for eMusic Europe instead of the USA.
 eMusic Internet Radio Mashup — A mashup of internet radio streams and eMusic. Streams KEXP, KCRW, WOXY, and possibly others, and it displays related eMusic content, so you can download the tracks being played.
 eMusic Mashups from Strunkworks — Several "mashups" of eMusic and other music-related web sites and services, including an eMusic + Pandora mashup, Real-time eMusic Feeds,eMusic + KEXP Radio Mashup, and more.
 eMusic Message Board — The official eMusic message board.
 eMusic Picks — A blog devoted to the best tracks of the moment in electronica, jazz and select international, plus discussion of eMusic in general.
 eMusic Play Tagger — A Greasemonkey extension that adds a "Play" icon next to samples on eMusic, similar to the inline player.
 Emusic Recommender by Line72 — Linux and Windows software that pulls music recommendations from various services (like,, etc) to recommend music to you, based on your downloads and ratings. Also pulls album art from Many more features, visit the page to read about them.
 eMusic tags on — Several eMusic users are using to tag their downloads. This can be a helpful resource to find new music.
 eMusic Utilities — A page with a few eMusic utilities.
 eMusic What's New (Unofficial List) — This unofficial list of what's new on eMusic is gathered daily by Mutantis. Many thanks to him for his outstanding efforts! GreaseMonkey Script — A GreaseMonkey script by eMusic user 'wesr' that get tags for an eMusic album from the community. When you browse eMusic, the 5 most popular tags for a particular artist are pulled via and injected into the artist's album page.
 eMusic/J Java Download Manager — An open source download manager for eMusic, written in Java and aimed at Linux users.
 eMusicRemote Code — A group of technical articles describing the new (as of Sep 2007) eMusic Remote DLM, and EMX file format.
 FAQ for "Real Users" — An unofficial FAQ geared toward eMusic users. Answers common questions such as "Why haven't my downloads refreshed yet?"
 Flash-based Sample Player GreaseMonkey Script — A GreaseMonkey script that replaces play links with inline Flash-based player.
 Last.FM eMusic Subscribers Group — A Last.FM group for eMusic subscribers. — An ongoing experiment to help you find artists that you may like. Uses eMusic and
 Mixtaper — Formerly a place to share playlists, but now on extended holiday... perhaps it will be back someday.
 Music Gourmets Forum — An off-site discussion forum where several members of the eMusic discussion board post. R-rated at times.
 RSS Feeds HOWTO — Describes a hidden feature of eMusic that allows you to get RSS feeds from almost any page.
 Search eMusic Albums By Number of Tracks — Use this web utility to find albums with a specific number of tracks on eMusic.
 Songbird Extension for eMusic — An extension for Songbird that lets you browse and sample eMusic tracks.
 Strunkworks Radio Mashup — A mashup of eMusic and several internet radio streams, including Pandora, KEXP, Indie Pop Rocks, KCRW Music, Groove Salad, WOXY, Secret Agent, Bebop24x7 Jazz, cliqhop idm, Radiocrazy Jazz, and Bootliquor
 Swindleeeee! — A blog devoted to eMusic, with a little bit of eMusic history and current events.
 Unofficial eMusic Toolbar for Firefox — An unofficial version of the eMusic Toolbar for the Firefox browser. Forum — A forum for eMusic message board members and all eMusic members.
 Wiki Version of eMusic FAQ for Real Users — A wiki version of the FAQ for Real Users.
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