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 Alexa Image Search By Camera — Search all of the images crawled by the Alexa web-search bot by camera model, so you can see real-world images taken by a particular camera. Currently does not seem to have many results but they will supposedly be adding many more images. — Specs and information on cameras, reviews, and a large list of links to other digital camera news and review sites.
 DigiCamReview — Digital camera reviews and sample photos.
 Digital Camera Resource — Lots of reviews, a camera buyers guide, and digital camera forum.
 Digital Photography Review Check it out!  Huge number of camera reviews, sample images, buying guide where you can choose the features you want, side-by-side comparisons. Huge forum. Highly recommended.
 Epinions Digital Camera Reviews — User-submitted reviews to a wide variety of digital cameras.
 Flickr Camera Search Check it out!  This awesome tool from Flickr lets you browse thousands of photos actually taken by real-world users of a particular camera and see lots of usage statistics. Absolutely invaluable!
 Imaging Resource Check it out!  Huge number of camera reviews, sample images with side-by-side comparisons, and much more.
 Ken Rockwell Check it out!  Many reviews and sample pictures, but more importantly a wealth of knowledge on photographic topics, technique and technology from a professional photographer. Definitely worth a look (and check out the rest of his site as well). — Digital camera reviews. — Lots of digital camera reviews, images of the camera UI, sample photos, forums. Search By Camera — Not exactly a review site, but you can view a wide variety of real-world pictures taken using a specific camera you are interested in.
 Steve's Digicams Check it out!  Tons of very detailed reviews (including screen shots of the camera UI), extensive specs, images of the camera itself from various angles. Sample images. Highly recommended.
 ZDNet Digital Camera Reviews — Lots of digital camera reviews, ratings, and user-submitted reviews from ZDNet.

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