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Crystal Ball and Mineral Sphere Links

This is a list of web sites that I have found that sell crystal balls and mineral spheres.
9 links in this category — A selection of natural crystals, quartz, and other gemmy crystals, including a selection of spheres, eggs, jewelry, rings, and pendants. They also sell light bases to display your crystals in spectacular fashion. — A large collection of beautiful rough crystals as well as some polished crystals and spheres. — A large selection of crystals, minerals, and tumbled stones, as well as a small selection of spheres. — A well-organized and large collection of spheres, minerals, lapidary rough items and other crystal items for sale. Link goes directly to index by mineral type. — A large international list of gem dealers, including sphere dealers, gem wholesalers, plus bead, lapidary, rock, and gift dealers, as well as importers and exporters. — A large selection of crystal balls, mineral spheres, as well as a wide variety of other crystal gifts and accessories like hearts, paperweights, and decor items. As of Jan 2007 has free shipping for orders over $50 which is great. — A small collection of crystal and mineral spheres for sale. Check it out!  An amazing and huge collection of crystal spheres and mineral spheres. Worth visiting just for the image library of hundreds of spheres. Prices are rather high but the spheres are absolutely stunning. Link goes to page one of the alphabetical index.
 The Other Side of the Sun — A good collection of spheres and other crystals in a wide variety of price ranges.

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