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Container & Storage Links

This is a list of links to online stores selling containers and other useful storage products that I have found interesting or useful.
8 links in this category — An online store that sells tons of cases and shipping storage supplies, including Harddigg, Pelican, aluminum cases, laptop cases, and military grade gear. Lots of heavy duty containers! — Another store specializing in heavy-duty containers. Sells the major brands like Pelican, Matrix, SKB, Zero, and Case Factory. — The official site for the Otter Box line of rugged waterproof cases. These are great for storing your camera, iPod, cell phone, plus laptops and other items you need to keep dry.
 Pelican — The official Pelican storage case site. Unfortunately they require Flash to access their site. — A site specializing in waterproof cases and storage. This store is aimed more toward consumer-grade good instead of heavy duty storage.
 Uline — If you need mass quantities of storage or containers, Uline probably has it. They sell massive amounts of shipping supplies, boxes, bags, containers, totes, plus other warehouse-related supplies.
 WatchfulEyeDesigns ALOKSAK — Sells the ALOKSAK, which is a "flexible, airtight, watertight and puncture resistant" resealable bag that is almost like a super Ziploc bag, except much tougher and certified waterproof to 60 meters. They also sell an odor-proof bag for use in bear country. — A site specializing in water-tight, waterproof, and water resisant cases and containers. Sells the OtterBox line of containers.

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