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Amusing Links

12 links in this category — Fun Flash toys, isometric bug orgy.
 Display It! Fake Food — Sometimes you just need some fake food. Their web site looks screwed up with my browser, but the fake food looks great.
 Paul Schmidinger Java Toys — Lots of fun Java toys. — Fun fractalesque Flash toys.
 Random Personal Picture Finder — Utterly genius method of using Google for finding personal photos posted online. — Great fractal toys using some graphics generated by AEFlame.
 Sodaplay — Create incredibly cool artificial life forms that walk across the screen and wriggle with disturbing realism. Java.
 Starship Dimensions — Wonderfully geeky! From the site: "this site is intended to allow science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of their favorite science fiction spacecraft by being able to campare ships accross genres, as well as being able to compare them with contemporary objects with which they are probably familiar".
 The Onion — Still one of the funniest sites on the web. Except now with 1000% more pop-up advertisements and blinking Flash annoyances! Yaaaay!
 Wolftronix Animatronic Tail — One man's quest to build a wolf costume with a fully animatronic tail. With videos!
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