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Google Earth KML Creator

Use this simple Google Earth KML Creator to create a KML file from latitude/longitude or address/zip combinations. You can also choose the name, description, icon to display as well as other settings.

Usage Hints

You should enter either a latitude/longitude pair or an address/zip pair so that Google Earth can locate your KML properly. The latitude/longitude can be in almost any format as long as latitude is first and longitude is second. You may specify negitive/positive degrees, or use NSEW notation. Address/zip are geocoded by Google Earth, so the exact location may not be exactly correct. For most accurate placement, use latitude/longitude. Latitude/longitude has precedence over the address/zip, so you must empty out the latitude/longitude field if you enter an address/zip.
The places will appear under "Temporary Places" section of the Google Earth Places panel. For address/zip places, you must double-click on the place to actually go to the place. For latitude/longitude places, Google Earth will fly to the place automatically.
Currently, range, tilt and heading are supported only for latitude/longitude places.
For latitude, positive values are North and negative values are South.
For longitude, positive values are East and negative values are West.
Download Method allows you to choose the MIME type of the Google Earth KML file, or display it in your browser as XML or HTML if you prefer.
Not all KML features are supported.

Google Earth & KML Links

These very useful links can provide you with much more information on Google Earth KML files, and tools that go far beyond this simple "quick n dirty" KML creator. If you require more advanced capabilities, you should look at these links.


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