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Welcome to the Corporate Gibberish Generator™ by Andrew Davidson. andrewdavidson/at\andrewdavidson/dot\com
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Imagine a combination of FOAF and OWL.
GeekPress is the industry leader of short-term process management. Do you have a plan of action to become 24/7/365? What do we upgrade? Anything and everything, regardless of incomprehensibility! Our feature set is unparalleled in the industry, but our distributed, dot-com reporting and non-complex operation is invariably considered a remarkable achievement. Think nano-cross-media. Without channels, you will lack functionalities. It sounds dumbfounding, but it's accurate! We think we know that it is better to utilize super-wirelessly than to monetize intuitively. Is it more important for something to be dot-com or to be 60/24/7/365? We think that most plug-and-play web applications use far too much Ruby on Rails, and not enough SMIL. Our technology takes the best features of Python and Flash.
Quick: do you have a B2B game plan for dealing with emerging eyeballs?
GeekPress has revamped the concept of re-sizing. The capacity to implement intuitively leads to the ability to e-enable globally. We think that most B2B2C splash pages use far too much XSL, and not enough Python. What do we reintermediate? Anything and everything, regardless of abstruseness! Without appropriate paradigms, reality-based dot-com, clicks-and-mortar reporting compliance are forced to become customized. We will syndicate the capacity of all-hands meetings to seize. We think that most integrated web sites use far too much ActionScript, and not enough Ruby on Rails. We realize that it is better to unleash compellingly than to expedite super-virally. If you leverage perfectly, you may have to recontextualize vertically. We will deliver the capacity of e-markets to enhance. We believe we know that if you innovate intra-holistically then you may also empower cyber-transparently.
If all of this sounds terrific to you, that's because it is!
We here at GeekPress understand that it is better to seize virally than to engage vertically. Without appropriate networks, interfaces are forced to become resource-constrained, collaborative. We will unleash the buzzword "24/7". What does it really mean to syndicate "intuitively"? Do you have a game plan to become customer-directed? The metrics for media sourcing are more well-understood if they are not value-added. It comes off as fabulous, but it's entirely realistic! The capacity to unleash intra-extensibly leads to the capability to morph dynamically. If you incentivize seamlessly, you may have to grow magnetically. Do you have a strategy to become innovative? What do we incubate? Anything and everything, regardless of reconditeness!
We will brand the ability of markets to transition.
GeekPress has refactored the theory of 60/24/7/365, cross-platform bandwidth. Our reconfigurable feature set is unparalleled, but our subscriber-defined supply-chains and user-proof use is invariably considered a terrific achievement. We think we know that if you synergize intuitively then you may also recontextualize intuitively. Imagine a combination of C++ and ActionScript. The aptitude to brand virtually leads to the capability to unleash efficiently. We usually brand granular aggregation. That is a remarkable achievement taking into account this fiduciary term's conditions! Without appropriate technologies, users are forced to become interactive. Imagine a combination of Java and HTTP. What do we brand? Anything and everything, regardless of abstruseness! Do you have a plan of action to become intuitive, long-term? The metrics for research and development are more well-understood if they are not seamless, strategic. Without preplanned markets, partnerships are forced to become bricks-and-clicks.
What do we enhance? Anything and everything, regardless of abstruseness!
GeekPress has revamped the theory of convergence. We believe we know that if you synergize robustly then you may also implement dynamically. Quick: do you have a compelling scheme for managing new users? A company that can whiteboard defiantly will (at some undefined point of time) be able to matrix correctly. We think we know that if you enable nano-micro-perfectly then you may also target proactively. We think that most user-centric web portals use far too much XMLHttpRequest, and not enough IIS. We often mesh 24/7/365 initiatives. That is a terrific achievement when you consider this fiscal year's financial state of things! Think visionary. Without appropriate portals, applications are forced to become mission-critical. What does the jargon-based term "next-generation" really mean? What does the commonly-used buzzword "relationships" really mean? Quick: do you have a viral scheme for regulating emerging schemas? If you architect dynamically, you may have to target virally.
We understand that if you brand virtually then you may also drive intra-extensibly.
Have you ever had to harness your feature set? Without having to learn AJAX? We apply the proverb "He who laughs last, laughs best" not only to our customized, granular raw bandwidth but our ability to engineer. Think macro-turn-key. Do you have a plan of action to become next-generation? It may seem confusing, but it's accurate! What does the term "process management" really mean? What do we synthesize? Anything and everything, regardless of namelessness! We pride ourselves not only on our end-to-end feature set, but our simple administration and newbie-proof configuration. If you upgrade super-vertically, you may have to generate super-seamlessly. What does the term "open-source" really mean?

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