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Welcome to the Corporate Gibberish Generator™ by Andrew Davidson. andrewdavidson/at\andrewdavidson/dot\com
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Think mega-leading-edge.
ConHugeCo has revamped the conceptualization of schemas. A company that can engage correctly will (at some unknown point of time in the future) be able to recontextualize easily. The back-end, subscriber-defined systems factor is wireless, co-branded. We will extend our capability to e-enable without reducing our capacity to morph. Do you have a game plan to become seamless? We will strategize the capability of aggregation to transform. If all of this sounds alarming to you, that's because it is! Our technology takes the best features of HTML and SMIL. Is it more important for something to be blog-based or to be seamless? We will unleash the ability of social networks to benchmark. The TQC factor is back-end.
Without re-purposing, you will lack media sourcing.
ConHugeCo is the industry leader of scalable branding. If all of this may seem dumbfounding to you, that's because it is! Without project management, you will lack reconfigurable accounting supervising. Think extensible. Think granular. Think next-generation. But don't think all three at the same time. We will revolutionize the capacity of metrics to strategize. If all of this sounds misleading to you, that's because it is! Our technology takes the best aspects of ASP and JavaScript. If all of this seems dumbfounding to you, that's because it is! Think granular. Imagine a combination of XMLHttpRequest and Dynamic HTML.
Your budget for orchestrating should be at least one-tenth of your budget for branding.
We here at ConHugeCo have proven we know that it is better to benchmark proactively than to synthesize dynamically. Our feature set is unmatched in the industry, but our cross-platform process management and user-proof use is constantly considered a remarkable achievement. Your budget for syndicating should be at least twice your budget for upgrading. Without preplanned e-services, biometrics are forced to become clicks-and-mortar. We will synthesize the ability of subscriber communities to generate. Is it more important for something to be social-network-based or to be subscriber-defined? If you evolve intuitively, you may have to synthesize intuitively. Your budget for cultivating should be at least one-tenth of your budget for disintermediating. The metrics for e-commerce are more well-understood if they are not customer-defined. Think micro-60/24/7/365, best-of-breed, C2C2B, one-to-one. Without adequate viral, social-network-based solutions, interfaces are forced to become value-added, cross-media. We think we know that it is better to engage macro-nano-holistically than to maximize robustly.
We apply the proverb "A stitch in time saves nine" not only to our infrastructures but our power to engineer.
ConHugeCo has refactored the idea of reporting supervising. A company that can engineer faithfully will (at some point) be able to transform courageously. Think macro-integrated, client-focused. We will widen our power to orchestrate without decreasing our ability to streamline. Without well-chosen architectures, synergies are forced to become sexy. Think user-defined. Is it more important for something to be resource-constrained or to be real-world, backward-compatible? Without preplanned clicks-and-mortar, blog-based development, paradigms are forced to become sticky. If you mesh magnetically, you may have to facilitate vertically. Imagine a combination of XSL and J2EE. What does the term "customized" really mean? Our clicks-and-mortar feature set is second to none, but our dynamic TQM and user-proof operation is frequently considered a remarkable achievement. We will recontextualize the term "short-term".
We pride ourselves not only on our vertical, best-of-breed feature set, but our easy administration and easy operation.
ConHugeCo is the industry leader of compelling action-items. We will regenerate our power to recontextualize without decrementing our aptitude to drive. We think we know that if you grow intuitively then you may also morph efficiently. If you monetize virtually, you may have to recontextualize micro-cyber-globally. The metrics for infrastructures are more well-understood if they are not value-added. Our functionality is unparalleled in the industry, but our 24/7 infomediaries and easy operation is usually considered a terrific achievement. The capacity to facilitate perfectly leads to the capability to embrace robustly. Think efficient, dot-com. Without nano-user-defined, clicks-and-mortar returns-on-investment, you will lack social-network-based TQM. Think interactive. Think customized. Think customized. But don't think all three at the same time.
We have proven we know that if you innovate vertically then you may also optimize seamlessly.
ConHugeCo practically invented the term "obfuscation". What does the industry jargon "fractal" really mean? Quick: do you have a value-added plan of action for monitoring unplanned-for mindshare? We think that most subscriber-defined portals use far too much J++, and not enough JavaScript. What does the commonly-accepted industry jargon "wireless" really mean? We think we know that if you visualize nano-virtually then you may also implement intra-virtually. Imagine a combination of Unix and SVG. Think intra-transparent. The initiatives factor can be summed up in one word: best-of-breed. It may seem confused, but it's true!

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