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Rio MP3 Player Feature Comparison Chart

Copyright © 2007 Andrew B. Davidson. All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: April 2007
The Rio brand of MP3 players is sadly discontinued, but there are still many of these players on the used market, on eBay and in garage sales. This comparison chart will hopefully let you know of the various important features of the Rio players, so you can decide if a particular player is right for you. This chart does not list every feature, only the ones that I consider the most important.

Rio MP3 Player Feature Comparison Chart

This list is being expanded... more coming soon... if a cell is blank I do not have that info yet...

If a player is not listed, I do not have information on it yet.

MP3 Player Name USB? Battery
Storage Capacity
Expandable? Has
Rio Carbon USB 2.0        YES  
Rio CE series          YES  
Rio Cali   AAA green=256MB; yellow=128MB 1 SD card slot  YES  
Rio Chiba   AAA      YES  
Rio Eigen          YES  
Rio Forge          YES  
Rio Karma USB 2.0 Built-in Rechargeable 20 GB HD No  YES  
Rio Nitrus USB 2.0 Built-in Rechargeable 1.5 GB HD No  YES  
Rio One No   32 or 64 MB SmartMedia (128 MB max)  NO  
Rio Pearl USB 2.0 Built-in Rechargeable      YES  
Rio PMP-300 No AA black = 32 MB; translucent blue = 64 MB SmartMedia (32 MB max)  NO  
Rio PMP-500 No        NO  
Rio SE series          YES  
Rio S10 USB 1.1 AA      YES 9 bookmark slots.
Rio S11 USB 1.1 AA      YES 9 bookmark slots.
This list is being expanded... more coming soon... If you have more information please report it.


All Rio brand players (except the very early models like the PMP-300) have bookmark capability, but sadly these are discontinued. Many Rio players are still available on eBay inexpensively, however, they are getting more and more scarce.

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