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Drew's Recommended Windows Software

Check out this list of Windows software that Drew finds useful.

How to Increase the Range of Your LED Flashlight

Learn how to quickly, cheaply, and temporarily increase the range of your LED flashlight. This method requires no wiring or electrical modifications whatsoever, and can increase the effective and useful range of your flashlight many times over.


I only review products and services that I have used extensively. I hope you find these reviews useful and informative. MP3 Download Site Review

I have been a subscriber to for some time. Here is my review of the service. Used CD Trading Site Review

I was a happy user of when they were a used CD trading site. Here is my (now-obsolete) review of the original CD trading site.

Casio Exilim EX-S500 Digital Camera Review

I bought a Casio S500 in June of 2006. Here is my review of the device.

Sirius One (SV1) Satellite Radio Receiver Review

I bought a Sirius One (SV1) Satellite Radio Receiver in January of 2006. Here is my review of the device.

JewelSleeve CD Sleeve Review

JewelSleeve are CD sleeves that are designed to hold all components of a commercial audio CD (CD, booklet, and tray card). Here is my review of the sleeves.

List of MP3 Players with Bookmark Capability

I listen to long MP3 files, so bookmarking capability in an MP3 player is important to me. This is my list of MP3 players that support bookmarking, according to my research.

Where to Cheaply Buy Natural Environment Sound Albums for Relaxation

Drew explains where you can cheaply obtain those relaxation albums with natural environments, ocean surf, rain, etc.

Rio MP3 Player Feature Comparison Chart

View a comparison chart of Rio MP3 player features. There are many of these used and refurbished players on the market with many different features.

Rio Nitrus MP3 Player Review

I have had a Rio Nitrus MP3 Player for many years. Here is my review of the device.

Rio PMP-300 MP3 Player Review

I have had a Rio PMP-300 for many years. Here is my review of the device.


Free Spinning Wait Icons

Download free spinning wait icons (e.g. ) for use on your website.

Sirius Satellite Radio Channel Guide

Download this PDF channel listing for Sirius satellite radio that I have formatted to fit nicely on one page.

What is the size of a CD Inlay/Tray Card

This short article answers the question, how big is a CD inlay/tray card?


Things You Shouldn't Pay More Than $1 For

Read Drew's discussion of dollar stores and the economics of same.

Raleigh, North Carolina and Surrounding Area

What happened to CTV Raleigh? (Community Television)

Learn about CTV Raleigh (public access community television, channel 10, channel 11, and channel 22).

Cary Towne Centre List of Shops (Cary, NC)

Learn about Cary Towne Centre, a mall in Cary, NC.

Review of Trader Joe's Grocery Market, Cary, NC

Learn about Trader Joe's, a new shopping market in Cary, NC.

Programming & Technical

Cryptic Visual C++ Error Messages

These hints about Cryptic Visual C++ Error Messages are mainly notes to myself about errors that I found to be fairly cryptic or not necessarily accurate. I hope you find these explanations useful.

Do you call flush() after every echo or print in PHP?

Learn why it's not necessary. Save yourself some work and hassle.

What is strcmpi() called in PHP?

strcmpi() is one of those functions that does not have the same name as it does in C/C++.

Where is array_append() in PHP?

How can you append one array to another in PHP? Is there an array_append function?

Where is mt_seed() in PHP?

Is there an mt_seed function for mt_rand in PHP?

Transcoding MP3 Files

This page lists many hints and notes for transcoding MP3 files.


iPhone Cases with a Notch at the Bottom

What iPhone cases have an open slot at the bottom?