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About Drew
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About Drew

A few facts about Drew...
  • Drew has been programming since 1979 (45 years).
  • Drew's first programming was done on the Louisiana State University mainframe system, and input using punch cards (seriously).
  • Drew has been working with computer graphics since 1979 (45 years).
  • Drew has been modifying digital photographs since before Photoshop existed (38 years).
  • Drew took his first photograph with a digital camera in 1992 (32 years ago).
  • Drew has been creating web pages since 1994 (30 years).
  • Drew has been working with digital music since 1986 (38 years).
  • Drew has been creating mashups since 2000 (24 years).
  • Drew has been purchasing songs off the web for 99 cents since 1997 (27 years).
  • Drew has been DJing since 1998 (26 years) and has DJed at Raleigh events since 2003 (21 years). His DJ name is DJ Drew Diggle.
  • Drew's family acquired a 128K Macintosh in April 1984 (three months after its introduction). Drew has used virtually all classic Macintosh models during the 80's and early 90's. Drew still has a Macintosh Plus in his closet and it probably still works.
  • Drew got his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Drew got his Master's Degree in Computer Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There, he worked on virtual reality (Head-Mounted Display) projects, and co-wrote immersive real-time virtual worlds that were displayed at SIGGRAPH 91 (33 years ago).
  • Drew has written commercial plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and 3D Studio Max
  • Drew has written free plugins for Adobe After Effects, TMPGEnc, and WinAmp.
  • Drew also wrote the original CTF Bot for Quake 1 and has written several modifications to the open source version of Quake 1.